Course Auditing

The opportunity to audit a class taught by an outstanding UCLA English professor is one of the membership perks for those who become members of the Friends of English at the Lecturer level or higher. The classes offered are diverse as to subject matter, but all provide a stimulating classroom experience.

If you want to audit a class, it is necessary to confirm your selection with the Friends of English. Please use the following email link to inform the Friends of the class that you intend to audit:

Members of the Friends of English who audit a class do so as guests of the professor.  Accordingly, auditors should be sensitive to the professor’s primary responsibility to the students.  The professor establishes auditor protocol including the nature and extent of any auditor participation in class discussions.  Auditors are encouraged to introduce themselves to the professor, to learn the professor’s policy regarding auditors and to provide the professor with contact information.  Abiding by classroom protocol can demonstrate the Friends’ appreciation of the auditing privilege and ensure a positive experience for all involved.

The professor of each of the classes listed below welcomes Friends’ members who want to audit. To audit a class, it is recommended that you attend class on the first day, and then proceed as described in the Auditors Protocol.